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Bracelet Orelia - Ovie Bijoux
Bracelet Orelia - Ovie Bijoux
Bracelet Orelia - Ovie Bijoux

Bracelet Orelia

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Elastic bracelet garnished with cherry quartz fine stones with a pretty ball of rhinestones.


• Cherry quartz fine stone (6mm)
• Very resistant elastic thread
• Handmade in Montreal
• Available sizes: 16 to 21 cm *

* Cherry quartz symbolizes love. Stone of sweetness and tenderness, it brings calm in itself as well as inner peace and helps to share this feeling of love with the people around you. It is used to heal deep emotional wounds. Rose quartz stimulates friendship, brings peace, brings self-respect and promotes forgiveness. It purifies the atmosphere and protects negative energies to transform them into positive and affectionate vibrations.

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